LaThuile Proposals

Coordinator Title Paper Status Collaborators Topic
Adrien C. Finzi Global Patterns in the Carbon Cost of Nitrogen Acquisition Unknown Finzi; Gill; Richardson
Alan Barr Synthesis of Inter-Annual Variability in Net Ecosystem Exchange at Long-Term North American Mature Boreal and North-Temperate Forest Flux-Tower Sites Started with 1st overview and site selection Barr; Black; Wofsy; Hollinger; IAV, Boreal
Albert Van Dijk Coupled surface water and energy balance under wet canopy conditions Unknown van Dijk; van Gorsel
Alessandro Cescatti Validation of MODIS albedo product at the FLUXNET sites Manuscript submitted Cescatti; Schaaf; Cook; Marcolla; Richardson; Law Biophys., Albedo
Alessandro Cescatti Effect of land use change and global warming on winter albedo Started with 1st overview and site selection Cescatti; Ciais; Marcolla Biophys., Albedo, Landuse
Alessandro Cescatti Sensitivity of GPP and NEE to direct vs diffuse radiation across Fluxnet sites Started with 1st overview and site selection Cescatti; Baldocchi; Grace; Hollinger; Knoll; Ibrom; Marcolla; Richardson Radiation effects
Alexander Knohl Assessing soil moisture – atmosphere feedbacks via Bowen ratio changes during droughts Started with 1st overview and site selection Knohl; Bernhofer; Ciais; Koestner; Viovy Drought effects; energy
Almut Arneth Testing a unified model of stomatal conductance Unknown Arneth; Medlyn
Anders Lindroth Assessing soil moisture – atmosphere feedbacks via Bowen ratio changes during droughts Unknown Lindroth; Margolis; Hollinger; Vesala; Luyssaert Ecosystem respiration; boreal
Andrew Jarvis Data-based cross-site evaluation of optimal carbon gain 1st Draft ready Jarvis; Stauch C-H2O
Andrew Oliphant The Role of Canopy Architecture on Gross Ecosystem Production Responses to Diffuse Light Started with 1st overview and site selection Oliphant Radiation; diffuse-direct
Andrew Richardson Exploring relationships among carbon exchange foliar nitrogen and canopy albedo Started with 1st overview and site selection Richardson; Ollinger; Martin; Hollinger
Andrew Richardson Effect of spring onset and autumn senescence date on forest-atmosphere CO2 exchange Paper published Richardson; Piao; Ciais; Breon Phenology; growing season
Anna Goerner Towards a better representation of drought effects in diagnostic biogeochemical models Started with 1st overview and site selection Goerner;Reichstein Drought effects
Antje Maria Moffat Effect of diffuse radiation on ecosystem-level water use efficiency 1st Draft ready Moffat; Reichstein; Cescatti; Lasslop; Zaehle
Asko Noormets The effects of harvesting thinning and fire on forest carbon exchange Started with 1st overview and site selection Noormets; Law; Margolis; Schulze; Chen; Grace; Barr Disturbance
Barbara Koestner Water vapour flux partitioning related to climate global ecosystem types and vegetation structure Started with 1st overview and site selection Koestner; Bernhofer; Knohl; Lindroth H2O
Benjamin Brede Drought impact on the Amazon rainforests Unknown Brede; Verbesselt, Dutrieux, Kruijt
Benjamin Ruddell Dynamical sensitivity of terrestrial eco-climate systems to climate forcings: Global eco-climate Process Network Modeling at FLUXNET sites Sites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figures Ruddell; Yu; Kang; Childers
Ben-Jei Tsuang Thermal inertial and land characteristics for land surface modeling over different land types Unknown Tsuang; Tsai;
Bev Law Temporal dynamics in gross ecosystem production, ecosystem respiration, net carbon uptake and environmental conditions among plant functional types Withdrawn Law; Baldocchi; Reichstein; Papale; Valentini; Hudiburg; Schuetz GlobalSummary
Bin Zhao Surface water on energy exchanges of wetlands Unknown Zhao; Guo
Bin Zhao Is wetland an ecosystem type? A synthesis assessment on global carbon sequestration in wetlands Unknown Zhao; Guo
Bo Jiang Comparison of empirical models for surface daytime net radiation estimation Manuscript submitted Jiang; Wohlfahrt; Zhang
Bo Jiang Generation Global LAnd Surface Satellite (GLASS) surface daytime Net Radiation products based on multi-source datasets Unknown Jiang; Liang; Wohlfahrt
Brian Amiro Carbon Dynamics Following Fire and Harvest in North American Boreal and North Temperate Forests Paper published Amiro; Barr; Black Disturbance
Christian Beer Upscaling mean annual GPP from ecosystem level to the global land surface Paper published Beer; Tomelleri; Reichstein; Carvalhais; Jung; Papale; Peylin; Ciais
Christian Beer Which environmental factors determine temporal and spatial variability of water-use efficiency on ecosystem level Paper published Beer; Baldocchi; Bernhofer; Buchmann; Ciais; Knohl; Koestner; Kutsch; Reichstein; Soussana; Williams C-H2O
Christian Bernhofer Analyzing long-term FLUXNET measurements for reliable ET values Started with 1st overview and site selection Bernhofer; Koestner; Knohl; Lindroth; Grünwald; Riedel H2O
Christopher R. Schwalm Using FLUXNET to diagnose climatic variability of the terrestrial carbon sink from 1948 to 2099 Started with 1st overview and site selection Schwalm; Jung; Reichstein; Papale
Christopher R. Schwalm Using FLUXNET to assess the sensitivity of land-atmosphere carbon exchange to climate variability Unknown Schwalm; Huntzinger; Kolb; Woods
Christopher Williams Estimation of the Evaporative Fraction term of PET for Remote Sensing Applications of AET Paper published Williams; Marshall; Still; Roberts; Funk; Michaelsen
Christopher Williams Ecohydrologic Hypotheses Revisited — Synthesis with a Global Observation Network Paper published Williams; Buchmann; Baldocchi; Reichstein; Papale H2O
Christopher Williams Williams Carbon Dioxide and Water Flux Responses to Extreme Weather and Climate Anomalies Paper published Williams; Munger; Hollinger; Stoy; Richardson; Schaefer; Stockli; Schwalm Temporal variability; extremes
Chuixiang Yi Climate control of terrestrial carbon sequestration Paper published Yi; Ricciuto; Monson
Damiano Gianelle Effect of 2014 temperature anomalies on gross ecosystem production, ecosystem respiration, net carbon uptake and environmental conditions among plant functional types Unknown Gianelle; Sottocornola
Dario Papale A new global spatialized estimate of NEP, GPP and TER and analysis of uncertainty and limiting factors using data driven models and eddy covariance measurements Sites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figures Papale, Reichstein, Tomelleri Up-scaling, global, data-oriented
Darrel Jenerette Variation of ecosystem metabolic rain response along a 2000 mm rainfall gradient 1st Draft ready Jenerette;Scott;Huxman Drought effects; C
David Bowling Synthesis of land-atmosphere carbon and water fluxes Unknown Bowling; Bahn
David Ellsworth Linking species-level physiology with vegetation fluxes Unknown Ellsworth; Wright; Knohl; McMurtrie; Reich Ecophys
Dennis Baldocchi Measuring Terrestrial Biosphere Metabolism with a Global Flux Network Started with 1st overview and site selection Baldocchi; Reichstein; Papale; Law GlobalSummary
Dennis Baldocchi How Day and Night Sampling Minimizes Autocorrelation between Canopy Photosynthesis and Ecosystem Respiration Paper published Baldocchi; Sturtevant
Dennis Baldocchi How Well Does Canopy Surface Conductance Scale with Ecosystem Photosynthesis?; A test of the Ball-Berry Empirical Model and the Medlyn Optimal Model 1st Draft ready Baldocchi
Elham Rouholahnejad Does Groundwater contribute to global evapotranspiration significantly Unknown Rouholahnejad; Kirchner; Seneviratne; Miralles; Reinfelder
Eli Melaas Improving Estimation of Growing Season Length using MODIS and FLUXNET Unknown Melaas; Friedl; Hongxiao; Eklundh; Richardson
Eli Melaas Using phenological indicators derived from FLUXNET data to improve predictive models of vegetation phenology Paper in press Richardson; Melaas; Sonnentag
Enrico Tomelleri Climatic effects on the inter‐annual variability of net ecosystem fluxes of N America and Europe 1st Draft ready Tomelleri; Migliavacca; Carvalhais
Enrico Tomelleri Calibration of a light use efficiency model using FLUXNET data 1st Draft ready Tomelleri; Reichstein; Papale; Gorner Up-scaling, global, data-oriented
Eva Falge Cross-Validation of Eddy Covariance and NPP Data Paper published Falge; Luyssaert Quality control
Eva van Gorsel Nocturnal Carbon Efflux – Can we take advection terms into account without measuring them Paper published Gorsel;Leuning Quality control
Eva van Gorsel Globally assessing the utility of alternative approaches to upscaling latent heat flux for thermal remote sensing studies Unknown van Gorsel; van Niel; Yebra; McVicar
Fred Huemmrich Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Carbon Fluxes Started with 1st overview and site selection Huemmrich; Middleton; Margolis
Ge Sun A Unified Approach to Estimate Potential Evapotranspiration of Forest Ecosystems Unknown Sun H2O
Gianluca Tramontana FLUXCOM – an intercomparison study on the estimation of global flux fields from eddy covariance data using empirical up-scaling techniques Unknown Reichstein; Papale; Jung; Ryu; Xiao; Fisher
Giovanni Manca Paradigmatic networks: a new tool for gap-filling and spatialization of eddy covariance CO2 fluxes Unknown Manca; Federici; Seufert; Marchi Up-scaling, global, data-oriented
Gitta Lasslop Extended hyperbolic light response curve including VPD effects to derive GPP estimates Paper published Lasslop; Reichstein; Papale
Gitta Lasslop Towards a better understanding of temporal variability of inverse model parameter estimates in process-based models Withdrawn Lasslop; Reichstein; Mahecha; Kattge Inverse parameter retrieval
Gitta Lasslop Influence of the driving temperature for eddy covariance carbon flux partitioning Manuscript submitted Lasslop
Guillaume Drolet Understanding the Environmental Controls on Net and Gross Light-Use Efficiency and Their Temporal Patterns – A Circumboreal Study Started with 1st overview and site selection Drolet; Margolis; Middleton Radiation effects, Boreal
Guillod Benoît Impact of evapotranspiration on convective rainfall events Paper published Guillod; Seneviratne; Buchmann; Orlowsky; Reichstein; Ciais; Teuling
Han Dolman Global land surface evaporation estimated from satellite-based observations Unknown Dolman; Holmes; Miralles; de Jeu; Gash; Wang
Hank A. Margolis Seasonal Patterns for the Circumboreal Forest Started with 1st overview and site selection Margolis;Drolet Boreal forest
Ian Ross Influence of climate soil and vegetation on rain pulses responses 1st Draft ready Ross; Misson; Carrara; Litvak C-H2O
Ian Ross Radiation relationships at FLUXNET sites Unknown Ross; Rambal
Jean-Francois Soussana Disturbance synthesis Unknown Grace; Soussana; Klumpp Disturbance
Jean-Francois Soussana Inter- and intraannual variability of CO2 fluxes of temperate ecosystems at a global scale Unknown Buchmann; Ciais; Hollinger; Soussana; Stoy IAV, Temperate
Jingfeng Xiao Linking Disturbance and Nitrogen Availability to Carbon and Water Cycling Paper published Xiao; Ollinger; Chen
Jingfeng Xiao Global Patterns and Interannual Variability of Water Use Efficiency Sites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figures Xiao; Chen
Jiquan Chen Spatiotemporal variability of annual gross primary productivity Unknown Xia; Luo; Chen
Joshua B. Fisher Validating remote sensing evapotranspiration algorithms using global tower data Started with 1st overview and site selection Stoy; Mu; Running; McGlynn; Fisher; Richardson
Junhui Zhang Tracking water use efficiency (WUE) of terrestrial ecosystems using MODIS-EVI images Unknown Zhang
Junhui Zhang Sink or Source – Carbon metabolism and regulating factors of old-growth forest ecosystems Unknown Zhang Old-growth;
Karrin Alstad Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency of Major World Biomes Unknown Alstad; Chen C-H2O
Katrin Fleischer Effects of nitrogen cycle dynamics on forest carbon exchange 1st Draft ready Fleischer; Warlind; van der Molen;Rebel; Arneth; Erisman; Wassen; Smith; Dolman
Katrin Fleischer Feedbacks in the Climate System Paper published Fleischer; Dolman; van der Molen; Rebel; Arneth
Kenneth J. Davis Model Intercomparison and Synthesis for Evaluation of Terrestrial Carbon Unknown Davis; Naithani; Smithwick; MacEachren; Cook
Li Zhang Impacts of disturbances on carbon and water cycling in the world’s grasslands Unknown Zhang; Xiao; Chen
Lucas Jones Global mapping of net ecosystem CO2 exchange Paper published Jones; Kimball; Running; Zhang; Yi
Magnus Lund Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange in Mires and its Sensitivity to Temperature and Water Table Fluctuations Paper published Lund; Lindroth; Nilsson; Aurela; Rinne; Roulet Wetlands
Manish Verma Use of FLUXNET data product to evaluate productivity metrics 1st Draft ready Richardson; Verma
Manuela Balzarolo Analysing the relationships among carbon fluxes and broadband vegetation indices at global scale 1st Draft ready Balzarolo; Papale
Maren Göhler Parameter estimation in a complex land surface model Unknown Gohler; Cuntz; Samaniego; Corinna
Margriet Groenendijk Assessing parameter variability in a photosynthesis model within and between plant functional types Paper published Groenendijk; Dolman; van der Molen; Arneth; Gash; Leuning; Lindroth; Richardson; Wohlfahrt
Margriet Groenendijk Seasonal variation of plant functional type photosynthetic parameters Paper published Groenendijk; Dolman
Margriet Groenendijk Global variation of ecosystem (intrinsic) water use efficiency Manuscript submitted Groenendijk; Dolman
Markus Reichstein Contribution of plant traits to ecosystem functions as observed by eddy covariance measurements Unknown Kattge; Reichstein
Markus Reichstein Inter-annual variation (IAV) in global terrestrial carbon-water balance derived from network of eddy covariance flux sites magnitude, controlling processes and climate factors Started with 1st overview and site selection Reichstein; Papale; Baldocchi; Barr; Ciais; Heimann; Luyssaert; Richardson; Rodenbeck IAV, global
Martin Jung Evaluation of evapotranspiration process-based models with in-situ and satellite observations Unknown Jung; Reichstein; Jimenez
Martin Jung Identifying environmental and biophysical controls Paper published Jung; Reichstein; Papale; Tomelleri
Martin Jung Synthesis of global upscaling of land surface – atmosphere fluxes Paper published Jung; Reichstein; Mahecha
Martine Janet van de Weg Can plant traits be used to scale ecosystem carbon and water fluxes Sites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figures van de Weg; Dolman; van Bodegom
Mathias Goeckede Optimizing the assimilation of eddy-covariance flux data into a regional scale atmospheric inverse modeling framework Unknown Goeckede; O’Halloran; Law
Matteo Campioli The CO2 balance of the terrestrial biomes Unknown Campioli; Luyssaert; Janssens; Valdameri
Matthew Jones LaThuile and Opened Gross Primary Productivity and Ecosystem Respiration Data Unknown Jones; Kimball; Law
May Myklebust LAI influece on bias in night time eddy covariance data during windy conditions Manuscript submitted Myklebust; Misson; Wohlfahrt
Miaogen Shen Spatial pattern of temperature requirements of spring recovery of GPP Unknown Shen; Tang
Michiel van der Molen Feedbacks in Boreal and Arctic Climate Systems in Siberia Unknown van der Molen; Dolman; Ciais; Ohta; Maximov; Heimann; Schulze; Belelli Boreal & Tundra; feedbacks
Miguel D. Mahecha Time scale dependent parameter estimation Paper published Mahecha; Reichstein; Carvalhais; Lasslop; Lange; Seneviratne
Miguel D. Mahecha Extraction and quantification of hysteretic behavior and phase synchronizations at different time scales in ecosystem-atmosphere fluxes inferred from a global network of eddy covariance flux sites Started with 1st overview and site selection Mahecha; Reichstein; Carvalhais; Lange Temporal variability; multi-scale
Miguel D. Mahecha Effects of hydrometerorological extremes on land-atmosphere fluxes Sites selected and PIs contacted with 1st figures Mahecha; Rammig; Papale
Mirco Migliavacca The impact of nutrient limitation on carbon and water fluxes Unknown Migliavacca; Reichstein; Schrumpf; Penuelas; Jannsens; Fernandez; Kattge; Mahecha; Musavi; Sardans; Vicca; van de Weg; Zaehle
Mirco Migliavacca Influence of the spring phenology on seasonal patterns of ecosystem respiration Manuscript submitted Migliavacca; Cescatti; Mahecha; Reichstein; Richardson; Tomelleri; Carvalhais; Cremonese; Galvagno; Lasslop
Mirco Migliavacca Interannual variability of growing season length and its influences on annual carbon budget as derived from carbon flux measurement Withdrawn Migliavacca; Tomelleri; Churkina; Jung; Seufert Phenology; growing season
Mirco Migliavacca Semi-empirical modelling of ecosystem respiration Paper published Migliavacca; Reichstein; Richardson; Lasslop Ecosytem respiration; spatio-temporal
Myroslava Khomik Analysis of across‐site variability of carbon‐flux and ‐pool relations (e.g.turnover times) derived from chamber and eddy covariance based measurements as affected by climate, vegetation and other factors Unknown Khomik; Reichstein; Schrumpf
Nathaniel Brunsell Momentum flux to the land surface: a FLUXNET perspective on quantifying the sum, dependencies, and variability Unknown Miller; Brunsell; Arneth; Reichstein
Niall Hanan The canopy structure information content of flux measurements Unknown Hanan; Reichstein; Cook; Ibrom Radiation, Phenology
Nicholas Smith Does temperature acclimation of plant carbon exchange improve land model performance Manuscript accepted Smith; Dukes; Richardson
Nima Madani Quantifying North American ecosystems optimal light use efficiency beyond land cover types Paper published Madani; Kimball
Nima Madani Projections for ecosystem structure and productivity in near future Unknown Madani; Kimball
Ning Zeng Quantifying error structures of a global terrestrial carbon cycle model Unknown Zeng; Chen; Kalnay
Paul Dirmeyer Validation of coupled land-atmosphere behavior in global weather and climate models Unknown Dirmeyer; Meyers; Guo; Santanello; Bosilovich; Ek; Lawrence; Tawfik; Balsamo
Paul Stoy Does surface temperature decrease with ecosystem development? Testing the maximum entropy hypothesis Started with 1st overview and site selection Stoy; Hua; Baldocchi; Ryu; Grace
Paul Stoy On the spectral properties of eddy covariance time series Paper published Stoy; Richardson; Katul Temporal variability; multi-scale
Paul Stoy Energy balance closure at global eddy covariance research sites is related to landscape-level surface heterogeneity Paper published Stoy; Ibrom
Paul Stoy The effects of vegetation on surface temperature: a bottom-up approach from a global network of eddy covariance flux towers 1st Draft ready Stoy; Katul; Juang; Siqueira; Novick; Williams; Clement; Moncreiff; Lloyd Biophys., Feedback
Paul Stoy The relationship between net and long-wave radiation Withdrawn Stoy;Knohl; Jarvis; Clement; Moncreiff; Monteith Biophys., feedback
Paul Stoy Comparing semi-parametric models for partitioning incident photosynthetically active radiation Started with 1st overview and site selection Stoy; Richardson; Cescatti; Grace; De Kauwe; Baldocchi; Malhi; Butt; Juang Biophys., Radiation
Philippe Ciais Evaluation and estimation of biogeochemical flux model error on multiple time scales Unknown Ciais; Piao
Philippe Ciais Determinants of spatial and temporal gradients in ecosystem fluxes and their dependency upon climate drivers: a comparison between North America and Europe Started with 1st overview and site selection Ciais; Davis; Reichstein; Papale; Piao; Le-Maire Spatio-temporal variability US-Europe
Philippe Ciais What the eddy-covariance flux measurements tell us about prior errors in CO2-flux inversion schemes Paper published Chevallier; Ciais; Maignan; Wang; Reichstein
Qiang Liu An Evaluation of GLASS Albedo Product Unknown Liu; Qua; Wang; Liu; Liu; Liang
Ray Leuning Using FLUXNET data to constrain SVAT model parameterization Unknown Leuning; Stockli; Hoffman; Hollinger; Stoy; Munger; Dellwik; Richardson; Kattge; Reichstein; Williams Inverse parameter retrieval
Robert Cook Intercomparison of the MODIS albedo product and other moderate resolution satellite albedo products at the FLUXNET sites Unknown Schaaf; Cescatti; Cook; Law
Rodrigo Vargas Linking photosynthesis with soil respiration: diurnal patterns across large geographical distances Manuscript submitted Vargas; Baldocchi;Gu
Rodrigo Vargas A mycocentric perspective on environmental factors controlling CO2 fluxes from terrestrial ecosystems Paper published Vargas; Baldocchi; Allen; Hasselquist
Russell Monson A Comparative Study of Optimized Process Parameters and their Response to Current and Future Climate in Evergreen Needleleaf Ecosystems Unknown Monson; Moore; Schimel; Scott Denton Inverse parameter retrieval
Ryan Teuling The impact of land surface heterogeneity on temperature variability Paper published Teuling; Seneviratne; Reichstein; Ciais; Moors; Luyssaert
Ryan Teuling Impact of land surface heterogeneity on temperature extremes — Central-Western Europe vs Mediterranean Unknown Teuling; Seneviratne; Reichstein; Ciais; Luyssaert; Moors; Montagnani
Sara Vicca Use of remote sensing indicators for estimating drought impacts on flux data Unknown Vicca; Balzarolo; Janssens; Penuelas
Sebastiaan Luyssaert Short term extremes in NEE: drivers and responses in natural ecosystems Withdrawn Luyssaert; Hollinger; Munger; Stoy; Archibald; Buchmann; Williams; Janssens Temporal variability; extremes
Sebastian Wolf Global Patterns of Biosphere-Atmosphere Energy Fluxes in Terrestrial Ecosystems Unknown Wolf; Stoy; Reichstein; Cescatti; Baldocchi
ShiLong Piao Effect of snow change on the C balance in various northern ecosystems Started with 1st overview and site selection Piao; Ciais; Reichstein; Luyssaert Snow effects; Boreal-Tundra
Shuli Niu Phenological and physiological controls of net ecosystem production and its response to climate change Unknown Niu; Chen; Luo
Sonia Seneviratne Multi-scale land-atmosphere interactions Paper published Seneviratne; Reichstein; Ciais; Buchmann; Stockli Biophysical feedbacks, Drought effects
Sonia Wharton Examining the effects of telconnection patterns Started with 1st overview and site selection Wharton; Vargas; Falk IAV
Stefan Olin Parametrisation and a formalised uncertainty analysis of the Managed Land module in LPJ-GUESS Unknown Olin; Arneth; Lindeskog; Lindroth
Tagir Gilmanov Agricultural ecosystems as strong sinks for atmospheric CO2 Unknown Gilmanov Croplands
Tagir Gilmanov Gross productivity respiration and carbon sequestration potential of grassland ecosystems of the world Unknown Gilmanov Grasslands
Tiexi Chen Evaluation of cropland potential light utilization efficiency over eddy flux sites in Europe and N America Paper published Chen; van der Werf; Dolman; Groenendijk
Tiexi Chen Global cropland gross primary productivity 1st Draft ready Chen; van der Werf; Gobron; Dolman
Timothy W. Hilton What is the spatial and temporal coherence of flux tower signals Paper published Hilton; Davis; Ciais; Desai Up-scaling, regional, process-oriented
Trevor Keenan Assessing long-­term changes in terrestrial carbon and water cycling, and their coupling through ecosystem water use efficiency Unknown Keenan; Richardson; Hollinger
Wenping Yuan Global analyses of energy balance and partition over different vegetation types based on paired eddy covariance sites Unknown Yuan; Chen
Wenping Yuan Global Comparison of Light Use Efficiency Models for Vegetation Gross Primary Production 1st Draft ready Yuan; Chen
Wenping Yuan Global Estimates of Evapotranspiration over the Terrestrial Ecosystems Started with 1st overview and site selection Yuan; Chen
Werner L. Kutsch A quick-test of all sites involved in the Fluxnet study concerning advectional losses during night-time Withdrawn Kutsch; Feigenwinter Quality control
Xianglan Li Generating High Resolution Global Product of Land Surface Evapotranspiration during 1982-2013 Unknown Li; Chen
Xianglan Li Evaluation of global terrestrial latent heat flux simulations of 45 CMIP5 1st Draft ready Li; Chen
Xianglan Li Development of a Physical-Empirical algorithm for global terrestrial latent heat flux 1st Draft ready Li; Chen
Xianjin Zhu Global pattern of water use efficiency and its underlying mechanism Unknown Zhu; Hu; Yu
Yadvinder Malhi Quantifying the constraints imposed by sun-angle light water and temperature on ecosystem gross productivity Unknown Malhi GPP; spatial constraints
Yiying Chen Validation of a new multi-layer energy budget scheme in the ORCHIDEE-DOFOCO branch land surface model Unknown Chen; Ryder; Luyssaert; Black; Moors; Longdoz; Vesala; Ogee; Loustau; Luca
Yongguang Zhang Evaluations of global hydrological modelling over different land cover types Unknown Zhang; Arancibia; Zheng; Mpelasoka; Yebra; Guerschman; van Gorsel; van Dijk
Yonghong Yi Recent climate and fire disturbance impacts on boreal and arctic ecosystem productivity Unknown Yi; Kimball; Margolis
Youngryel Ryu Seasonal variation of surface and air temperatures across a range of plant functional types and climatic zones Unknown Ryu; Baldocchi; Detto; Stoy
Youngryel Ryu Trend of land surface radiation balance and evapotranspiration across diverse ecosystems under climate change Withdrawn Ryu; Baldocchi; Vargas
Youngryel Ryu Spatial and temporal variations of gross primary productivity and evaporation 2000-2009 MODIS 1st Draft ready Ryu; Baldocchi
Youngryel Ryu Classification of functional vegetation group using water deficit and actual evapotranspiration across diverse ecosystems and climatic zones using FLUXNET database Withdrawn Ryu; Baldocchi; Vargas
Youngryel Ryu Can satellite snapshots at morning or afternoon be upscaled to 8-day integrated evapotranspiration? Manuscript submitted Ryu; Baldocchi
Zheng Han Improving the performance of Budyko framework in predicting evapotranspiration of terrestrial ecosystems with FLUXNET data Unknown Zheng; Yu; Wang