FLUXNET is a global activity collaborated voluntarily by the local Tower Teams, Regional Networks, and portals/platforms that support the activity (e.g., FLUXNET-ORNL, FLUXNET, FLUXNET-ECN).  The main contributors to FLUXNET are the local tower teams collecting and sharing their data (see site list).  In addition, the regional network teams invest time and energy for the collection and validation of site general information, harmonization and quality-control of data to support the FLUXNET (see network list and collaborators listed below).

FLUXNET-ORNL team collects and archives site general information of all the historic and active tower sites globally, distributes the general information and other ancillary data, like updated images, MODIS cutout, and references etc.  Fluxdata team focuses on providing support for the FLUXNET synthesis datasets (e.g., flux, met, BADM data), and assists scientists to acquire, query, browse, plot, and manipulate diverse combinations of heterogeneous data.

FLUXNET-ECN connects young and early career scientists working within the FLUXNET community and the regional networks. It also provides an informal exchange platform for questions regarding research, career and funding opportunities for young scientists.

The FLUXNET2015 data team processed, harmonized, and released the FLUXNET2015 dataset to the community.