Regional Network Data

Regional networks collect and publish eddy covariance data from site PIs around the world.  These data are periodically combined and standardized into FLUXNET data product releases, such as the FLUXNET2015 dataset.  Regional networks continue to update their published data, which can be accessed through their data pages:

AmeriFlux (North and South America)

  • AmeriFlux BASE data (Data submitted by PIs)
  • AmeriFlux FLUXNET data (Value-added data product in FLUXNET format)

ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) (primarily Europe)

  • Main ICOS data products
  • Drought 2018 (Value-added data product in FLUXNET format)
  • Warm Winter 2020 (Value-added data product in FLUXNET format)

OzFlux (Australia and New Zealand)

AsiaFlux (Asia)