Register a FLUXNET Site

FLUXNET is the community of carbon, water, energy, and other GHGs (greenhouse gases) flux researchers and measurement sites across the globe.  Adding a site to the FLUXNET network provides many benefits, including increased visibility and being part of a large and collaborative community that shares ideas.  When FLUXNET Synthesis datasets are prepared, the Fluxdata Team and the Regional Networks collaborate to apply standardized QA/QC and data processing schemes, producing datasets that are available to all the participants and that have an high impact on the scientific community.  ​All sites that collect carbon, GHGs and energy flux measurements using the eddy covariance methods are eligible and welcome.

When you add your site to the FLUXNET, expect to:

  • Participate in global network activities​
  • Share your experience and receive information about what the others are doing
  • Submit and regularly update your general site description (through your regional network)​
  • Contribute data when Synthesis Dataset are prepared
  • Use the FLUXNET Synthesis database for your large network analysis
  • Contribute to the synthesis leaded by other groups with your experience and knowledge

How to register/update a FLUXNET site:

The best way to get actively involved in FLUXNET is using a Regional Network as the primary affiliation (e.g., AmeriFlux, European Cluster Database, AsiaFlux, OzFlux, ChinaFlux…).  The regional networks are connected to the FLUXNET system and the information and data uploaded are also shared through this channel.  In case you don’t have direct contact with any regional network or you don’t know to which network you can refer contact us at [email protected] and we will help to find a solution.