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Postdoctoral Researcher in Aquatic Flux Measurements
  • The Ecosystems and Global Change Group (www.ecosystemchange.com) at Trent University jointly led by Prof Andrew Tanentzap (Canada Research Chair in Climate Change and Northern Ecosystems) and Dr Erik Emilson (Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service sector of Natural Resources Canada, https://glfc-wet.github.io) is recruiting a two-year postdoctoral researcher to work on a project investigating the how fluxes of organic matter from land into receiving waters may offset terrestrial carbon sequestration as a nature-based climate solution. The postdoctoral researcher will quantify the amount of carbon lost from boreal forests into freshwaters by establishing two new eddy flux covariance towers. The research will involve tracing the flow of carbon seasonally from land into water and characterising the biogeochemical drivers and impacts of these fluxes. (read full)
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  • Contact: Andrew Tanentzap email