*********** SERVICE DISRUPTION NOTICE ***********

FLUXNET data services will be unavailable betweeen April 19th (Friday, 9am PST) to April 21st (Monday, 10am PST) due to scheduled maintenance and upgrades. Thank you for your patience!



We are looking forward to the upcoming FLUXNET Meeting in Brno, Czech Republic July 11-14th, 2023!  Abstract submission is now open (submit abstracts here).  More meeting details available here: https://fluxnet.org/community/fluxnet-annual-meeting-2023/.

After last year’s successful virtual meeting,  Ameriflux annual meeting 2021 will be held remotely under the theme: ‘Reflect | Connect: AmeriFlux in 2021’. It is scheduled on September 20-22, 2021…. More

The FLUXNET global research community is getting support from the United States’ National Science Foundation (NSF). Trevor Keenan, assistant professor at UC Berkeley, and affiliated to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a faculty scientist, will oversee the new FLUXNET Coordination Project (FLUXNET Co-op).

The recordings of the event are available on the YouTube playlist: FLUXNET2015 Dataset Variables guide: https://fluxnet.org/data/fluxnet2015-dataset/variables-quick-start-guide and https://fluxnet.org/data/fluxnet2015-dataset/fullset-data-product Python utilities Lucas Python Course scripts download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x-x2CFTOGOc1IvtcnFYkBHcrGSBwvKRJ?usp=sharing Python 3.9.4: https://docs.python.org/3 Numpy: https://numpy.org Pandas: https://pandas.pydata.org… More