The FLUXNET Education Working group is proud to introduce the new ‘Education’ tab on the FLUXNET website.  This tab contains the beginnings of an archive of presentations, lectures, and educational materials covering various topics related to the work being done by the FLUXNET community.  The materials currently available are from the 2022 edition of Fluxcourse with the plan of expanding to include lectures from 2023 and beyond. 

In addition to the original English versions of these materials, versions are also available which have been translated into Spanish.  This work is the culmination of efforts by members of the newly formed FLUXNET Education Working group, who have been working for the past year to organize and translate materials for a wider audience of the flux community.   The committee is also open to translation into different languages depending on interest and availability of individuals to contribute to these efforts.

The committee thanks all authors who have contributed materials and agreed to make them publicly available.  While this is a good starting point, we recognize that lectures are being given on flux related content in various languages across the globe. We invite flux educators to contribute presentations or other materials, particularly in languages other than English, so we can highlight them or link to them via the new Education tab on the FLUXNET website.  If you are interested in contributing to this effort please contact FLUXNET at [email protected].