Secondment Program

2025 Host information now being solicited, due August 1st, 2024 (interested hosts will out this form).

Secondment applications will open in early Fall, 2024.

 Previous Secondment recipient information available here. 


The FLUXNET Coordination Project is pleased to support the FLUXNET Secondment Program. The Secondment Program supports extended visits (secondments) for early career scientists based in U.S. institutions to an international host institution to conduct research with eddy covariance data. 

The early career Secondment Program provides an opportunity to (1) develop international leadership skills at unique research institutions around the world, (2) collaborate internationally in the development of new research questions, (3) learn best practices for technical and analytical techniques to address these questions at multiple scales, and (4) form new and enduring interpersonal networks of collaborators. The Secondment Program also provides an opportunity for host institutions to (1) collaborate internationally with US-based early career scientists, (2) mentor the next generation of flux scientists, (3) cross-pollinate research ideas and approaches with Secondment participants. This year we will prioritize host institutions in countries and/or geographic areas that have not previously been visited (see for previous Secondment destinations).


Secondment recipients requirements: be early career scientists studying at institutions in the United States.  Early career scientists include students (undergraduate to Ph.D.), postdocs, and other early-career scientists, who do not lead their own research groups and who are not the main supervisor of Ph.D. students. There is no US nationality requirement for secondment recipients.

Host institutions requirements: must be located outside of the United States, have relevant expertise in eddy covariance-related research, and have the time and willingness to actively work with an early career scientist. 


What is covered: The secondment will cover costs for travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, etc.), visa fees, lodging, and a daily stipend for meals/incidentals for a 2-6 week stay. Unfortunately we are not able to cover host expenses associated with the secondment. 


Details: Interested candidates are expected to identify and reach out to host institutions prior to submitting an application.  The FLUXNET Community Council will review applications based on intellectual merit and broader impacts, and notify candidates of decisions.