The FLUXNET Community Council

The FLUXNET Community Council is a global group of members dedicated to supporting the FLUXNET community.  The Council will advance new initiatives in education, data development, and community building (Figure 1), and be responsible for various activities such as reviewing and rewarding Secondment Program applications.


FLUXNET Community Council Open Calls:

2024 Secondment program applications, due October 20th, 2023

2024 FLUXNET Workshop applications, due November 10th, 2023


Figure 1. A schematic of the proposed activities and deliverables for the FLUXNET Community Council

FLUXNET Community Council Members

Chair: Trevor Keenan

International Co-Chair: Jamie Cleverly

Deputy Director: Kyle Delwiche

Network Coordination Leads: Dennis Baldocchi and Dario Papale

Education Lead: David Moore

Outreach Lead: Kimberley Novick

Data Integration Lead: Stefan Metzger

Early Career Network Liaison: Gabriela Shirkey and Jacob Nelson

Regional Network Representatives: 

Caitlin Moore
Changliang Shao
Tonantzin Tarin
Gregor Feig
Natalia Kowalska
Magna Soelma Beserra De Moura
Kazuhito Ichii
Minseok Kang


Caitlin Moore
The University of Western Australia
Dario Papale
Fluxdata Team/ICOS/AmeriFlux
U Tuscia, Italy
David Moore
The University of Arizona
Gabriela Shirkey
Michigan State University
Jacob Nelson
Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Jamie Cleverly
James Cook University, Cairns Campus
Kazuhito Ichii
Chiba University
Kim Novick
Core Site PI
Indiana U/Morgan Monroe State Forest
Kyle Delwiche
FLUXNET Community Council Deputy Director
University of California, Berkeley
Natalia Kowalska
Global Change Research Institute, CAS, Czech Republic
Stefan Metzger
Principal Research Scientist
Tonantzin Tarin Terrazas
Instituto de Ecología, UNAM
Trevor Keenan
FLUXNET Community Council Chair
University of California, Berkeley