Andy Black, from the University of British Columbia, has informed us that his former student David Gaumont-Guay passed away on April 17 2016. He lost his long battle with leukemia. He fought it with incredible courage and determination. He leaves a very young family: his wonderful wife Cindy and sons, Leo and Sam. He made remarkable contributions as a teacher and a scientist. Many of you will remember him for his outstanding soil respiration work with autochambers at BERMS as part of Fluxnet Canada and CCRN. In the last few year he developed a strong research program in the establishment of green roofs at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo. For David, his family came first. He was an amazing guy with a great sense of humour, he loved the outdoors, particularly kayaking, and was a terrific colleague and very close friend to so many of us.

One Response to “Tribute to the late David Gaumont-Guay, a Fluxnet-Canada Scientist”

  1. Jean Denis Guay

    Thank you very much to you Dennis and to all scientifics specially to Mr Andy Black who i have met 2 or 3 times when i was with David at UBC. David leave at 160 km/hr for most of his live. He left Quebec City in 2000 after his studies in Rimouski and he told me that i was going to Vancouver for his PhD. I said that i thing that you love the west better than the east of Canada and i gave him my hand and i have said good choice David. That was a very good one.
    To Cindy and the boys Leo and Sam, i love you very much.Have a good life.

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