Dear FLUXNET community

last time we wrote to you was December 31st for the FLUXNET2015 dataset release. We are now back to you to announce the release of a new version of the dataset. It was scheduled for April but as you can imagine the workload is huge and for this reason we arrived to today…

The new version has a number of updates:
– bugs have been fixed in the processing, they are reported in the website at known issues.
– 28 new sites have been added
– 15 sites already in the December release added new years
– new variables have been added for the sites where they were available: G, WD, USTAR, NETRAD, PPFD_IN, PPFD_DIF, PPFD_OUT, SW_DIF, SW_OUT, LW_OUT

The data are available at the same web address of the December release here. We ask you to carefully read and respect the data policy and we are available for questions and happy to receive feedbacks and suggestions.

In addition, if using these data for an AGU or EGU abstract/presentation/poster you could cite FLUXNET2015 in the text so that we can also better track the use.

For the future we are working to include some additional sites end of August or beginning of September. The sites are already under processing but if you want to be included and you can work hard with us in the data preparation there is still a possibility. The next release (with a new complete processing) is scheduled for spring 2017 but to have your data added it is already time to get in contact with your regional network or the FLUXNET-Fluxdata office; all the contacts and info are available here.

we hope you will enjoy the new dataset
best regards and have fun
The FLUXNET2015 Team