• Location: Nantes Université, Campus Science et Technologie, Laboratory ISOMer (Institut Des Substances et Organismes de la Mer – UR 2160)

As part of the PEPR (Priority Research Projects and Equipment) exploratory program FairCarboN (Carbon in continental ecosystems: levers and trajectories for carbon neutrality), Nantes Université is recruiting a full-time research assisant in biometeorology (CO2 and CH4 fluxes at interfaces) for a 2-year contract, starting January 15, 2024.

The person recruited will report to Vona MELEDER, Professor of Marine Biology at Nantes Université, ISOMer laboratory, and will be involved in the “CarboNium” project (CarboN dynamic in the terrestrial- aquatic continuum).

The CarboNium project of the PEPR FairCarboN program aims to contribute to a better understanding of the carbon cycle at the interface of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (freshwater ecosystems, wetlands), at the interface between continental surfaces and oceans (coastal ecosystems, estuaries), and along river systems ensuring the land-ocean continuum. A better quantification of the fluxes and knowledge of the dynamics of carbon in aquatic ecosystems is essential for the establishment of carbon balances and to constrain GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions from continental surfaces. In this context, CarboNium will meet the following objectives: (1) Synthesize data on carbon fluxes and stocks in the terrestrial aquatic continuum from French infrastructure observatories, (2) Densify observations of fluxes (including high-frequency instrumentation) and carbon stocks from French infrastructure observatories, (3) Unify the protocols used by the French community to study the carbon cycle in the terrestrial aquatic continuum, (4) Propose a community modeling open platform for the carbon cycle in the Land-Sea continuum.

The person recruited will provide technical and analytical support for the development and coordination of a network of flux towers measuring greenhouse gas exchanges (CO2 and CH4) between coastal ecosystems and the atmosphere. In particular, the person recruited will contribute to the setting-up and maintenance of three flux towers in temperate zones: one in the Mediterranean (Tour du Valat) and two on the Atlantic coast (Loire estuary and Pertuis Charentais). She.he will also help to complete the instrumentation with a CH4 sensor for a tower in the mangrove zone of New Caledonia. The person recruited will be based in Nantes, and will be responsible for maintaining the sites in mainland France, and curating the data from all the towers involved in the project. An assignment in New Caledonia is envisaged.

Main activities
The person recruited will have to implement:

• Purchase and setting-up of two flux towers: one in the Atlantic zone (Loire estuary) and one in the Mediterranean zone (Tour du Valat).

• Management and maintenance of the Atlantic flux towers (Loire estuary and Pertuis Charentais), and secondarily, the Mediterranean flux tower (Tour du Valat).

• Curation and processing of data from these towers, in a homogeneous manner, and construction of a database of CO2 and CH4 emissions from temperate and tropical coastal ecosystems.

Profile required
• Education and/or qualification: PhD with specialization in biogeochemistry and/or biometeorology
• Previous experience welcome for the position: 3 to 5 years
Position open to agents likely to take advantage of a legal priority in accordance with the provisions of article 60 of the law of January 11, 1984 on statutory provisions relating to the State civil service (on presentation of proof).

  • Close Date:
  • Additional Dates: Interview; week 51 Starting date expected 01/15/2024
  • Contact: Vona Méléder email