Postdoctoral researcher

We are looking for potential candidates (strong publication list with >30 papers, 5 to 10 years postdoctoral experience after PhD, at least 12 months working experience outside Spain) interested to apply for a competitive fellowship to work in our laboratory.

At present there are two calls open, one for a 4 yr (regional government, 42000€/yr gross + 75000€ reasearch funds) and another for a 5 yr fellowship (national government, 50000€/yr gross + 50000€).

The laboratory is running several projects with funds to install eddy covariance towers across the intertidal communities continuum of Bay of Cadiz saltmarshes. The postdoctoral researcher is expected to assist in setting up a new eddy covariance tower (ECV) with the aim of quantifying CO2 fluxes and evaluating the potential of saltmarsh rewilding, as a nature-based solution to mitigate the increase in atmospheric CO2 and climate change. The information obtained with the ECV will be compared with other techniques such as microsensors and incubations of benthic chambers in situ and sediment cores in the laboratory, in which our laboratory has great experience. The information obtained will be scaled up to the entire Bay using hyperspectral images obtained by drones and multispectral images by satellites, by researchers collaborating in the ongoing projects.

Obtaining the fellowship by the government and fulfilling the scientific requirements during the contract period will lead to a permanent position offer by the university.

  • Close Date:
  • Additional Dates: This is the date the governmental platform closes. The university has to process and approve the application prior to that date.
  • Contact: Sokratis Papaspyrou email