There is an opening for a postdoctoral scholar with the USDA-ARS Delta Water Management Research in Jonesboro, AR. The position is in trace gas flux measurements using the eddy covariance (EC) method in a variety of agricultural crops with a particular focus on rice. The position has components of both field work and data management and analysis. The research unit currently supports measurements of carbon dioxide, water, methane, and nitrous oxide across an array of 6 EC towers. The candidate will be responsible for collecting and processing EC data, analyzing and interpreting the acquired data, and crafting scientific papers for publication. With respect to field work, the candidate will provide support to maintain instrumentation at the research sites, including calibration of instruments between deployments. The candidate will operate as part of a team consisting of principle scientists, technicians, and other post-docs with some time spent with graduate and undergraduate students during field visits.

The position would benefit from an individual with prior experience and/or training in using the EC method to measure trace gas fluxes. Preferred experience would include setting up EC instrumentation, familiarity with troubleshooting, communicating and implementing solutions, common calibration practices, and effective data management. Candidates must be fluent in a computer programming language such as Matlab, R, or Python. Successful candidates would preferably have some experience with common flux processing tools (EddyPro, REddyProc, etc.) as well as Campbell Scientific data logger programming (CRBasic). Candidates with any experience in measurements using Campbell Scientific trace gas analyzers (TGA200) in conjunction with LI-COR EC instrumentation are highly encouraged to apply. The selected candidate will provide support as part of a research team while also being able to drive their own research endeavors.

The selected candidate would begin in early Fall 2022. The deadline for applications is August 21, 2022.

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  • Contact: Michele L. Reba email