Drained organic soils are a big source of greenhouse gases in the Netherlands that need to be reduced by ~25% as part of national emission reduction targets. We offer a 4 year paid PhD position aimed at analyzing eddy covariance measurements of greenhouse gas exchange from multiple fixed and mobile towers as well as from an airborne platform. Infrastructure is mostly operational and data have been acquired since 2020 and will coninue for at least two years more. Many more complementary measurements are available from other partners in the National Research programme on Greenhouse gas emissions from Fenmeadow areas (in Dutch NOBV: https://www.nobveenweiden.nl/) . The candidate’s research will aim to compile data driven balances of CO2, CH4 and N2O at site to landscape level, as driven by (novel) interventions in water and land management.

Position will be filled as soon as possible and remains open until fulfilled.

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  • Additional Dates: Position remains open until fulfilled
  • Contact: Ronald W. A. Hutjes email