The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology, is seeking a highly motivated research scientist associate to collaborate on research in areas of hydrology, soil science, and remote sensing, with particular interest in the study of near-surface water resources using eddy covariance, field and lab measurements of springs and soil moisture, remote sensing, data management, and data analytics. The Bureau currently has ongoing projects that require familiarity in geophysics, water resources, micrometeorology, and field experimentation. Also, the candidate will have an opportunity to develop and use digital tools (e.g., Python/Matlab scripting, Google Earth Engine, or other cloud computing applications), and participate in operations of the Texas Soil Observation Network (TxSON). The candidate will have either direct knowledge of field data collection methods or a willingness to learn them. Application of these tools and datasets could range from land surface modeling from surface runoff to evapotranspiration to ecosystem assessments; land-use change from energy development or urbanization; and water resource sustainability. The Bureau of Economic Geology is the oldest and second largest research unit at UT Austin. As part of the Jackson School of Geosciences, the Bureau has access to significant data and physical resources, including newly-refurbished laboratory space, substantial field equipment, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and many other assets.

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