You will be welcomed in the research unit ISPA, within the research team of the project SWATCH (international programme PRIMA) led by Pr J.-C. Domec and Dr D. Loustau. The ISPA unit is located close from the Bordeaux city and belongs to the INRAE centre Bordeaux-Nouvelle Aquitaine. The SWATCH project aim at monitoring and modelling the water and CO2 flux in Mediterranean environments. The field work will be mainly located in two stations at 45 and 15 km from the lab. The Salles station is a Pine forest that is part of the ICOS Ecosystem station network (station labelled in 2019) and the Xylosylve station is a large-scale experiment comparing innovative forest management strategies and including 8 management strategies. Both stations are instrumented with an ensemble of sensors and gas analysers monitoring the energy, water and CO2 fluxes exchanged with the soil and the atmosphere based on eddy covariance, sap-flow or chambers. They are completed by ancillary measurements on vegetation, soil and microclimate.

You will be in charge of:

– Developing, testing, calibrating new multi-sensors systems and fixed or mobile platforms.
– Field maintenance of acquisition and transmission systems.
– Data quality assessment
– Contributing to the definition of new protocols and techniques
– Contributing to the data analysis, publications and communication of the results obtained
– Contributing to the support of external teams

Special conditions of activity: weekly travels to the sites by car, work on elevated tripods (20 m height), occasional travels to national and international meetings and workshops.

  • Close Date:
  • Additional Dates: Start October or November 1st, 2020,
  • Contact: Dr Denis Loustau or Pr Jean-Christophe Domec email