EGU 2024 FLUXNET Townhall and Social

Come kick off your 2024 EGU with a FLUXNET Townhall and socialize afterwards at dinner!

Townhall Information:

Mon, 15 Apr, 19:00–20:00 (CEST) Room F2

Session description: After a brief overview of activities from flux networks around the world including opportunities to participate in working groups that focus on scientific collaboration, data availability, education and early career development. We will also highlight opportunities to host international exchange students and to propose and participate in formal workshops and training. These updates will be followed by a structured, open question and answer discussion focused around 1) Informing global carbon, water and energy budgets and climate models 2) data quality, availability and usability by different scientific disciplines and user groups, 3) Fostering international collaboration through collaborative working groups, international exchange and partnerships, 4) opportunities for early career engagement.

Post-Townhall Dinner:

After the Townhall, we will host a dinner in the city center for all interested. To join, please register here:

Note that seating may be limited, so please register early to ensure you place.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Vienna,

-Townhall Organizing Team

PS: Feel free to forward to any persons or communities that might be interested.