New Features

The new FLUXDATA website is based on the WordPress platform, which provides user-friendly contribution and editing of content.

New Content Features

Content Types

  • Events Calendar
    • Add Events to share
  • Blog posts
    • Comments on blog posts
  • Photo Gallery
    • Add Photos to share
  • Research Highlights
    • Add Research Highlights to share
  • Publications
    • Add Publications to share
  • Opportunities
    • Add Opportunities to share

Improved Data Uploading

  • Simplified upload workflow
  • Progress indicators
  • Status indicator: Success/failure

Note: Some new features are not compatible with Internet Explorer 9. Please upgrade to IE 10 or 11, or use the current version of another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Contributing Content

With WordPress, there are many ways to contribute content.

1. From the Community menu,
Choose a content type
2. Click the Add button 3. When content is complete,
enter the Captcha sequence
pubs1 pubs2 pubs3

Here is how to upload data:

1. From the Data menu,
choose Upload Data
2. Choose BADM or Half Hourly
You will need to be signed in.
3. Complete the Upload Data form
upload1 upload2 upload3



If you have any questions, contact [email protected].