What’s New

Welcome to the new FLUXNET website! As you’ve noticed we made some changes and we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight and explain some of them so that you can more quickly and easily use the new website.

The New Menu

The first change we made was to reorganize the menu bar found at the top of each page. We’ve reduced the number of top level choices, and consequently increased the number of choices at the next level. Hold your mouse over any of the headings (Home, About FLUXNET, Data, etc.) to get a list additional links. A few of these choices even have choices under them and are denoted by the arrow to the right of the menu item. Some of the menu items are in different spots compared to the previous website, so please take a moment to explore and familiarize yourself with the new layout.

The New Sidebars

To the right of the page you may have noticed two new blocks of information. The first is a box that allows you to search for FluxTower pages by name or by FLUXNET ID (e.g. IT-Amp). It has an auto-complete feature, so if you are not sure about the exact name or spelling just start by typing in a few letters. A drop down list will appear and you can either select one and click the search button to go straight to that page, or click the search button to see a list of matching sites and links to those site pages.

Below the Search box is the FLUXNET News block. This area will be populated with the five most recent items posted for the FLUXNET community to read. News items include announcements, job postings, newsletters and meeting and workshop postings. The most important news items will be displayed for a longer duration on the front page in the Announcements section. If you’d like to view just one group, you can view a page with a single type of news item by going through the menu bar above.

The New Tower Site Pages

The other area where you might notice a lot of changes is the Tower Site Page.
We’ve rearranged the information in an effort to make it more available and readable. Tower site pictures and maps can be found in the right sidebar. Additional information related to the site has been partitioned into tabs and clicking on the appropriate tab displays the requested information. There is also a tab that will display all of the fields which might be helpful for printing purposes. At the bottom of the content section, you can now find citations for articles related to data collected at that tower site. Clicking on the author’s name provides a list of publications by that author. Clicking on the publication title provides a more complete citation along with a link to the original publication whenever possible.

Finally, we’ve attempted to set up redirects for any old bookmarks you might have. If you have a moment, please update any old bookmarks you might have to their new url. We hope you like the new FLUXNET website. If you have any comments or questions, please send us an email.