The Field Technician reports to the Field Operations Manager and will be hired as a Field Technician I.
• Field Technician I – The Field Technician I is a biological sampling lead performing seasonal and periodic sampling activities and sample processing. Seasonal field sampling is conducted with the assistance of temporary field crews under the guidance of the Field Technician.

The Domain 01 Field Technician’s primary work location is Fitchburg, MA. This position supports sites in the Northeast Domain. Northeast candidate sites are located in Massachusetts at Harvard Forest (LTER) near Petersham, MA, and Bartlett Experimental Forest near Barlett, NH.

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Development Technician III

The Berkeley Biometeorology Lab is seeking a Development Technician III the Development Technician will join a group of researchers, students and existing technician, and will be involved in setting up and maintaining three CO2, CH4 eddy covariance towers. The position is based at UC Berkeley, but requires weekly trips to field sites an hour away in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The Development Technician will install and maintain three eddy covariance sites. Key responsiblities include Will be involved in setting up and maintaining three CO2, CH4 eddy covariance towers in the field. Daily duties will include field maintenance, calibration, troubleshooting, data collection, and data management of covariance data. Assist with data communications and the development and testing of new sensors and methods. Knowledge and Skills (typically required of the position) Required: Familiarity with solar power, meteorological sensors, gas analyzers, data loggers and programing languages is essential. A combination of skills from different disciplines, crafts or trades for the development and fabrication of scientific equipment. Familiarity with or experience in an academic research environment. Flexible schedule and ability to work efficiently. Ability to work on multiple assignments, set priorities, reprioritize as necessary, and take initiative in defining and executing tasks. Operation and repair of scientific equipment in a laboratory or in the field. Ability to program dataloggers and process data with scripted language, like Matlab, Python or R. or similar software. B.A. or B.S. in engineering, physics, or environmental science or related field or experience preferred. To apply go to the and look for position: 22188

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