FLUXNET Workshop: The Great Thermal Bake-off

The Great Thermal Bake–Off:
A Hands-On Workshop for Enhancing Temperature Measurement Precision and Standardization for Improved Flux Interpretation and Application


Workshop Goals:
1. Cross-Instrument Comparison & Standardization: Establish and test processing standards for thermal instruments through a field campaign, encompassing preprocessing, installation, and post-processing, to ensure consistency and reliability across devices.
2. Build Community Engagement around a ThermalCam Network: Enhance the accessibility and usability of thermal data within the broader scientific community, fostering a supportive network for sharing and innovation.

Attendance/Funding Information:
Applications for in-person are due April 5th, 2024.


Attendance is free, as well as lodging for up to 31 participants (preference given to early career). Food will be provided for all participants. A small number of travel grants (air/ground) are available and will be awarded by the organizing committee.

August 13th – 16th, 2024

Northern Arizona University’s Hat Ranch Field Station, Flagstaff, AZ, USA

Working Agenda: (August 13th afternoon-evening: arrival and check-in. August 16th evening: check-out)


TimeDay 0 (Tuesday, August 13th)Day 1 (Wednesday, August 14th)Day 2 (Thursday, August 15th)Day 3 (Friday, August 16th)
Morning● Welcome and Opening Lecture: Fundamentals of Thermal Processing
● Participant Introductions: Lightning Talks (1 slide per person)
● Hands-on: Begin Thermal Instrument Testing (field & lab)● Review and Preliminary Analysis: Group Discussion on Initial Findings
Afternoon● Arrival and check-in● Dry Run: Testing Protocol and Camera Set-up
● Technical Troubleshooting: Ensuring the Functionality of Equipment
● Hands-on: Finish Thermal Instrument Testing
● Data Management: Downloading and Post-Processing Data
● Future Planning: Forum on Collaborative Paper and Further Research
Evening● Arrival and check-in● Keynote Presentation: Proposal for a Thermal Network
● Breakout Discussions: Vision for the Network and Identifying Knowledge Gaps
● Networking Event: Poster Presentations and Happy Hour


Jen Diehl, [email protected]
Mostafa Javadian, [email protected]
Ben Wiebe, [email protected]

Advisory Committee:
Andrew Richardson (Northern Arizona University)
Chris Still (FLUXNET Canopy Thermal Imaging Committee Lead, Oregon State University)
Sophie Fauset (University of Plymouth, UK)
Mallory Barnes (Indiana University)
Stephanie Pau (University of California, Berkeley)

FLUXNET Coordination Project, Ameriflux Year of Remote Sensing, Northern Arizona University


Event flyer:

TGTB Flyer