How to Upload/Download Data

Do you have a FLUXDATA account?

You need a FLUXDATA account in order to uploading and downloading data.  The login requirement allows you, data providers/users, and the support team to better tracking the data flows.

After you create a personal FLUXDATA account, you’ll receive a confirmation email.  Use this email to confirm and enable your account immediately.

To submit/upload data

We strongly encourage you to keep a regional network as the primary affiliation (e.g., AmeriFlux, ICOS, AsiaFlux, OzFlux, ChinaFlux, LBA, MexFlux, USCCC…) and always submit your site information and upload your data through the regional network.  We’re currently working with the teams of FLUXNET-ORNL and regional networks to synchronize the database of site information and flux/met data.

If your site is unaffiliated to any regional network, and you prefer to submit your site information and flux/met data directly to FLUXDATA, please go to Upload Data to submit your files along with metadata describing the data (you will need to sign in to upload data).  When you upload your data, you agree that your data will be archived and shared according to the FLUXNET Data Policy, which is a 2-Tier access policy. Read the FLUXNET Data Policy.

The types of data we accept are:

  • Register an unaffiliated site
  • BADM data submission
  • Carbon flux and Micrometeorological data
    • Format the data according to the data level being submit (data level descriptions in About Data)
    • Use the standard variable names and units
  • Photographs of the Tower site and team – make sure you have permission to post from all people in the photo
  • Other data collected at the tower
  • Data products derived from FLUXNET data or about FLUXNET sites

If you are interested in programmatic methods of uploading data, please contact us for assistance.

To download data

Currently you can download data here. More data download and search capabilities are coming soon!

Contact the FLUXDATA Team if you have any questions or problems.