FLUXNET 2023 Secondment Program: host institution advertisements

Call for advertisements for host institutions for 2023 FLUXNET Secondment Program – due Sept. 16th

*** Please note that you are NOT required to advertise your potential secondment in order to host a Secondee – these advertisements are intended to aid host/Secondee matching ***

What: The FLUXNET Coordination Council (www.fluxnet.org) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2023 FLUXNET Secondment Program. The Secondment Program will support secondments (extended visits of 2 – 6 weeks) for early career scientists based in U.S. institutions to an international host institution to conduct research with eddy covariance data. Cross-pollination of techniques and ideas is fundamental to science, and the secondment program will provide a unique opportunity for early career scientists to gain experience in, and exposure to, the diverse research institutions and foci around the world.  


Why: The Secondment Program will provide an opportunity for host institutions to (1) collaborate internationally with US-based early career scientists, (2) mentor the next generation of flux scientists, (3) cross-pollinate research ideas with Secondment participants.


Who:  Host institutions must be located outside of the United States, have relevant expertise in eddy covariance-related research, and the time and willingness to actively work with an early career scientist.  Host institutes are expected to aid secondment recipients with visa requirements where appropriate.


What is covered: Secondment participants will receive funds for travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, etc.) visa fees, and a daily stipend per participant to cover living expenses for a 2-6 week stay. Neither host nor home institutions can receive funds.


How to self-identify as a potential host institution: Prospective hosts are asked to complete the application form at https://forms.gle/6dA8kLy97dkLSJGcA. The application includes a short (e.g. 1 paragraph) statement of research interests, including specific themes or projects that would benefit from contributions from secondment recipients.  Additionally, we request a brief description of the physical and intellectual support prospective hosts intend to provide to any early career scientists visiting their group, and approximate dates of availability during 2023.  The hosts research interests and the names of the host group mentors will be posted at https://fluxnet.org/fluxnet-secondment-program-2023-opportunities/. Secondment applicants will be encouraged to reach out to potential hosts in advance of submitting their applications. Potential hosts are requested to send their materials by September 16th, 2022. 


Details: Please direct questions and applications to [email protected] Applications for secondment participants will begin September 7th, 2022, and be due Nov. 11th, 2022.