Outreach Committee

Committee Lead(s): Jason Kelley ([email protected]), Maoya Bassiouni ([email protected])

Committee Members: Carlos Roman Cascon, Maricar Aguilos, Robert Shortt, Sung-Ching (Nick) Lee, Shiqin Xu, Emma Reich, and others.

New members welcome!

Mission statement:
The mission of the outreach and extension committee is to share flux science beyond typical research activities and to advance broad societal benefits of flux science. Our overarching goal is to bridge gaps between scientists’ technical expertise, applied research, conservation of natural resources, government policies and incentive programs, and popular belief.

Our activities will foster two-way communication and collaboration between flux scientists and stakeholders including policy makers, natural resource managers, farmers, private/startup companies, NGOs, and the general public. We will emphasize inclusion, diversity, and dissemination of flux science to new and underserved communities.

Through engagement outside academic circles, we aim to increase awareness of flux science; to demonstrate, verify, and incentivize best practices and conservation efforts; and to include stakeholder perspectives and priorities to identify knowledge gaps, refine flux research products, and help expand network coverage into underserved communities and geographic regions.

Outreach activities in progress and in development:

Indirect outreach products for capacity building and to facilitate communication and dissemination of flux science to wider audiences, including:

  • a glossary and semi-technical bridge publication on flux science terminology and key methodology concepts including uncertainty;
  • templates and examples of outreach and extension materials in different languages about flux science context, measurements, modeling, and research applications. 

Direct outreach activities to engage with stakeholders and the general public about flux science environmental and societal impacts, including:

  • art-science collaborations and residencies at flux towers to channel research into change by touching emotions, creativity, and inspiring hope about ecologically healthy futures;
  • a podcast based on case studies to host conversations between scientists and stakeholders about the role of flux data in topics such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, resource conservation, land restoration, disturbance management and recovery.

Stay tuned for updates, events, and products!

Participation and contact: 

The committee comprises active interdisciplinary members with diverse international representation that meet monthly to identify and coordinate activities. 

We welcome contributions and feedback from within and outside of the FLUXNET community to help enrich the committee mission, build outreach resources and stakeholder networks, as well as facilitate communication and engagement with the general public.

Feel free to contact committee leads for any inquiries about participation and ongoing activities. 


Read the outreach and extension committee charter (link)



Carlos Roman Cascon
Emma Reich
Northern Arizona University
Jason Kelley
Maoya Bassiouni
Maricar Aguilos
Robert Shortt
Shiqin Shu
Sung-Ching (Nick) Lee