Data Processing Committee

Committee Lead(s): Dario Papale ([email protected])

Committee Members: 

Mission and Goals:
This committee is open and designed for regional networks database and hub people responsible for the eddy covariance and meteorological data centralized quality control, processing and sharing. The work will be organized in three different phases:

Phase 1: the implementation of the current version of ONEFlux (the postprocessing code, open access, used for the FLUXNET2015 and currently used by AmeriFlux, ICOS and the European Database) will be discussed and supported. This could be a direct implementation in the regional network facilities if available or the access and explanation to computing facilities in other networks. This will allow all the networks to use the same processing and produce the same data. Round robin type checks will be also organized

Phase 2: a sharing system will be organized following the line of the “FLUXNET Shuttle” presented in Papale 2020. This will include the definition of the common set of metadata needed to identify machine2machine the data available and access them.

Phase 3: with the system in place the code development and improvement can start. The committee will discuss the strategy and system to handle suggestions and then prepare the guidelines and rules to propose changes, updates, improvements and plug-ins to the ONEFlux processing suite. The same committee will organize the group in charge of the proposals handling for the repository management also after the project.

Expectations of participants:
We expect the participation of up to three representatives for each of the networks. In the committee there will be no discussion or support for single peoples or groups implementations, it is fully dedicated to the Regional Networks.


Dario Papale
Fluxdata Team/ICOS/AmeriFlux
U Tuscia, Italy