Registration link

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Registration Cost (note that we are still finalizing costs)

Registration fees:

-General attendee (in person): €200 maximum (may end up being lower)
-Invited Speaker (in person): €0
-Virtual attendee: €15

Registration fee for in-person attendees includes participation in all agenda elements, and lunches. Registration fee for virtual attendees includes live participation in plenary sessions and oral sessions via zoom, and a virtual poster session.

Optional add-on:

-Field excursion to site  (flux site CZ-Lnz, and Zámek Lednice castle): [WILL THIS COST ANYTHING? Castle tours are around 10 euros, but people may not want to do the tour…]

The field excursion will take place on Friday, July 14th.  We will take buses to the CZ-Lnz field site.  We will then head to the Zámek Lednice castle.  The castle can be enjoyed from the beautiful castle grounds.  The castle also offers numerous different tours. The tour schedule for July 2023 is not yet available, but once it is available participants will be able to choose their preferred tour (if any).