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Dear FLUXNET community last time we wrote to you was December 31st for the FLUXNET2015 dataset release. We are now back to you to announce the release of a new version of the dataset. It was scheduled for April but as you can imagine the workload is huge and for this reason we arrived to… More

Andy Black, from the University of British Columbia, has informed us that his former student David Gaumont-Guay passed away on April 17 2016. He lost his long battle with leukemia. He fought it with incredible courage and determination. He leaves a very young family: his wonderful wife Cindy and sons, Leo and Sam. He made remarkable… More

  A new version of the REddyProc eddy covariance data processing R package is available. See the announcement email from the REddyProc team below. Dear Fluxnetters, we are pleased to announce the release of the new version of REddyProc R package with the implementation of the u* filtering similar to one of the routines applied… More

For the month of March, 2016 we are interviewing Kimberly Novick.  Kim is an assistant professor at the Indiana University – Bloomington. She is one of the principal investigators of the Morgan Monroe deciduous forest site (US-MMS), one the longer AmeriFlux sites that was set up by Sue Grimmond and HaPe Schmid in the 1990s…. More

We learned today (Feb 12, 2016) of the passing of Dr. Ray Leuning, formerly a Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO in Canberra, Australia. Ray was one of the foundational members of the eddy covariance flux commmunity; he is best known to many for the Webb-Pearman-Leuning equation, which accounts for the effects of density fluctuations due… More

[People] Timo Vesala

Today, we interview Timo Vesala, an Academy of Finland, Professor at the University of Helsinki.  Timo has been a member of the Fluxnet community since the earliest days, so we thought it would be great to the the perspective of one of the senior scientists. His research efforts are on biosphere feedback to climate.  Vesala’s… More

This is the next in a line of periodic interviews with Fluxnet scientists.  This installment is with Joel Biederman, who is a postdoc in Russ Scott‘s lab with USDA, near Tuscon, Arizona.  More information on Joel is available through his ResearchGate Link (   How did you come across the flux measurement community and what motivated… More

Like many of you, I have download the new dataset and have started to dive into it. Having worked with the 2007 dataset I did find a lot of changes. One of the biggest changes was reading the csv files in matlab.  Using readcsv or readxls are not the best choices. What I did not… More