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Workshop: Remote Sensing and Fluxes Upscaling for Real-world Impact

July 9 - July 10

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The goal of this workshop is to integrate remote sensing and flux data and foster future collaborations and syntheses that will yield tangible societal benefits.

Key objectives of the workshop include:

1) Reviewing the current state and challenges in the field of flux upscaling sciences.
2) Exploring techniques for effectively integrating remote sensing data with flux tower measurements.
3) Offering a hands-on session for participants to integrate remote sensing data and flux data.
4) Identifying potential applications and end products (e.g., precision agriculture, carbon monitoring, ET mapping).
5) Promoting collaborations between research communities and industry sectors.
6) Discussing future activities of the Remote Sensing for Flux Scaling Working Group.

We look forward to meeting you in Berkeley!

From the Steering Committee:
Nicola Falco, Koong Yi, Stefan Metzger, David Durden, Chris Florian, Mallory Barnes, Gavin McNicol, and Paul Stoy