Open Proposals

Coordinator Title Paper Status Collaborators
Carlos Jimenez Toward Assimilation of Satellite Data in Modeling Water Vapor Fluxes over Land Started with 1st overview and site selection Jimenez; Lipton
David Turner Assessing the Sensitivity of Net Ecosystem Exchange over North America to Climate and Disturbance with a Diagnostic Model Unknown Turner
David U. Hooper Biodiversity and the Functioning of Ecosystems –Translating Results from Model Experiments into Functional Reality Unknown Cardinale; Duffy; Hooper; Adair; Balvanera; Byrnes; Matulich; O’Connor; Piotto
Diana Vanegas Satellite-based modeling of gross primary production of grasslands and croplands: Vegetation Photosynthesis Model (VPM) Unknown Vanegas; Xiao
Diego Miralles A new metric to analyze the contribution of soil moisture Unknown Miralles; de Jeu; Teuling
Gianpaolo Balsamo Contribution to land surface evaporation from canopy interception, bare ground, vegetation transpiration and open water in a global land surface model using FLUXNET data Unknown Balsamo; Beljaars; Kral; Boussetta
Hu Zhongmin Carbon-use efficiency of global terrestrial ecosystems Unknown Hu; Li
Jordi Vilà-Guerau de Arellano Understanding the coupling between clouds and vegetation in different ecosystems Unknown de Arellano; Bathiany
Karsten Schulz Development of hybrid stochastic-mechanistic models for the partitioning and extrapolation of land surface to atmosphere water and carbon fluxes Unknown Schulz; Horn
Karsten Schulz Downscaling ERA-Interim Reanalysis data for FLUXNET sites Unknown Schulz; Bernhardt; Gao
Liang Sun Comparison of multiple ET methods over different land cover types Unknown Sun; Yao
Liu Wei Improving estimation of global needle-leaved evergreen forest regions based on RF algorithm Unknown Wei, Shen
Michael Loranty Linking satellite observed trends in boreal NDVI to declines in vegetation productivity using field observations and an ecosystem process model Unknown Loranty; Goetz; Bunn; Beck
Michael Rawlins Land Surface Model Estimates of Spatio-Temporal Variations in CO2 Source and Sink Dynamics Across Northern Eurasia Unknown Rawlins;
Michiel van der Molen The importance of realistically estimated aerodynamic conductance in studies of rainfall interception Unknown Holwerda; Meesters; Bruijnzeel; Dolman; Frumau; van der Molen; Scatena
Min Liu A direct estimation of the maximum light use efficiency based on FLUXNET data set and VPM model Unknown Liu; Jia
Min Liu Evolution and variation of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration over terrestrial ecosystems as derived from FLUXNET measurements Unknown Liu; Wu; Zhu; Xiang
Pawlok Dass Environmental controls on the greening of terrestrial vegetation across Unknown Dass; Rawlins
Pierre Gentine A global estimate evapotranspiration and gross primary production based on a synergy of remote sensing products Unknown Gentine; Kolassa
Roel Van Hoolst Estimation of carbon mass fluxes over Europe using the C-Fix model and Euroflux data Started with 1st overview and site selection Verstraeten; Veroustraete; Van Hoolst
Ryan Bright Local climate sensitivity of biogeophysical forcings in terrestrial ecosystems Unknown Bright; Lee; Davin; Zhao; O’Halloran
Susanne Rolinski Model Evaluation of Grassland CO2 and H2O Fluxes from LPJML with FLUXNET Data Unknown Rolinski; Muller; Bondeau; Bouwman; te Roller
Taejin Park Contribution of Phenological and physiological Variations in Northern Vegetation Productivity Changes over last three decades Unknown Park;
Yonghong Yi Spring Hydrology Determines Summer Net Carbon Uptake in Northern Ecosystems Unknown Yi; Kimball
Youngryel Ryu Evaluation of MODIS-derived diffuse and beam components of solar radiation Unknown Ryu; Kobayashi
Yueming Chen Carbon Fluxes Influencing Factors Mining Methods Based on Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm Attribute Reduction Unknown Xue; Chen; Chen
Zhu Juan The Controlling Factors of Temperature Sensitivity of Soil Respiration Unknown Zhang; Zhang; Zhu
Zhuoqi Chen A simple method to determine the Priestley-Taylor parameter using MODIS data Unknown Chen; Qin