BADM Data Templates

The Biological, Ancillary, Disturbance and Metadata (BADM) protocol is standardized across AmeriFlux, ICOS, FluxNet and other networks. To learn more about BADM, check out these resources:


Use these MS Excel spreadsheet templates to add or update BADM data for a site.

  • To register a new FluxNet site, download the BADM templates below, enter current site information (templates provide variable naming, units, descriptions and reporting conventions), and send to [email protected].
  • To update BADM for an existing FluxNet site, send your request to [email protected]. Specify the specific BADM spreadsheet(s) in the FluxNet database to be updated.

Download: BADM-Site_General_Info-Template

View (pdf) or download (MS Excel) an example of a completed Site-General-Info template.

Download: BADM-Disturbance_and_Management-Template

Download: BADM-Instrument_Ops-Template

Download: BADM-Instrument-Template

The following templates are being updated. If you want to submit new or updated information using these templates, please request them from our Team — [email protected].







General Instructions for Completing Templates

  • Use column D and higher in the first worksheet to enter your information. Only use the columns past D when you have more than one entry that you need to put in a row. If you have nothing to enter in a row, leave it blank.
  • Do not enter information in shaded columns.
  • Variables with units of LIST(xxx)—see second worksheet in each template—should use only the choices listed.
  • Enter all values in the units requested. For numeric entries, use only numbers (no letters or symbols).
  • Fill in the submitter’s name—whoever is filling in the template (likely you).
  • Add a short paragraph for the SITE_DESC in Site-General-Info if one doesn’t exist already. If one exists, make sure it’s up to date.
  • See Explanations, the third worksheet, for variable groups that must be reported together.
    • Column A lists the variable groups.
    • Column C has a “p” if a variable is the primary variable for a group of variables.
    • Column D lists an “r” if a variable is a required qualifier for a primary variable. For example, if H2O is entered for FLUX_MEASUREMENTS_VARIABLE on the Site-General-Info Template, the FLUX_MEASUREMENTS_DATE_START is required.

More details about the controlled vocabulary for BADM Templates:

1. IGBP vegetation classification

2. Köppen climate classification