Research Engineer

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research organisation working to promote bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources. We provide solutions and services to our customers based on best available scientific knowledge. Our research results and services generate added value and sustainability as well as scientific evidence to supportdecision making. We carry out research on forestry, agriculture, food, game, and fisheries. We also perform statutory services.Being open-minded and curious and having a strong will to leave a positive mark to the world binds Luke people together.
Together we build a positive working culture where each other’s work is highly respected. In Luke, the work assignments are versatile and employees can influence on the content of their work within the scope of project objectives. We work in a mobile work culture which gives you the possibility to work from where ever it is feasible for your tasks. Luke offers a multidisciplinary international research environment with unique research infrastructures, experimental sites and wellequipped laboratories.

Work tasks

Luke is establishing a modern greenhouse gas (GHG) research infrastructure on agricultural and managed forestecosystems in Finland, including 5-7 long-term eddy-covariance (EC) sites, auto-matic chambers and mobile GHG flux measurement systems for measuring carbon dioxide, me-thane, and nitrous oxide fluxes. We are now seeking for skilled Specialist/ Research Engineer to set-up and maintain eddy-covariance towers, automatic chambers and mobile GHG instruments in Lukes Maaninka (Kuopio) and Ruukki (Oulu) research infrastructures. Both Maaninka and Ruukki research
infrastructures are under development and many type of automatic and sensor based solutions in addition to GHG instrumentation are currently established, e.g. in relation to measure runoff (lysimeter field and catchment level monitoring), water quality, soil processes and field and forest experiments.
This gives a possibility to work in an innovative research infrastructure and widen the knowledge and expertise on other sensor technologies and solutions as well. Specialist/ Research Engineer will work together with ca. 30 enthusiastic GHG scientist and modelers, a dedicated Digital Solutions team and Research Infrastructure Services Unit at Luke to help provide high-quality data and sci-ence towards more sustainable agricultural and forest production. Luke is aiming to integrate its GHG research infrastructure to national and international GHG activities.

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