Open Source Code Development Committee – Background info

Committee Lead(s): Justine Missik ([email protected])

Mission & Goals:

The primary goal of this committee is to establish, support, and promote open-source development and code sharing in the flux community. To support this goal, the committee’s activities will involve three themes: (1) community outreach and education, (2) supporting activities of other Committees, and (3) establishing community infrastructure, resources, and guidelines for open-source development.

Activities will include:

Community outreach and education:

The committee will host workshops/webinars to provide training for the flux community. The committee will work with the Education committee to develop code-related educational materials and workshops.

Supporting other FLUXNET committee activities:

The committee will work to support the activities of other FLUXNET committees as they relate to software development practices and code sharing. This will include coordinating with the other committees to determine how the code committee could help to support their goals. Support could include assisting with setting up infrastructure, development workflows/procedures, and contribution guidelines, and encouraging community engagement.

Establishing community infrastructure, resources, and guidelines for open-source development

As part of the broader movement towards open science, and to help the flux community develop more robust, sustainable tools in an efficient manner, the committee will work to encourage and support more community-involved open-source development. To support this goal, activities will include: creating community guidelines and resources about best practices for open-source development, such as example repositories, contribution guidelines, and guidelines/instructions for maintainers of repositories; exploring/facilitating discussion about best practices regarding recognition of software contributions in the flux community (including making our codebases citable, and giving credit for the work of software development and maintenance in a way that would encourage greater community involvement).


Expectations of participants:

Committee members are expected to be actively involved in one or more committee activities, which could include preparing workshop/meeting/educational materials, preparing/maintaining resources developed by the committee, outreach activities to the FLUXNET community, and coordinating with other FLUXNET committees.



Justine Missik
The Ohio State University