FLUXNET Committees

FLUXNET committees and scientific working groups are dedicated to advancing FLUXNET science and community.  Committees will advance initiatives to make FLUXNET stronger, and scientific working groups will focus on flux-related science questions.  Committees/working groups are proposed and led by members of the FLUXNET community, and supported by the FLUXNET Community Council. 

Committee member expectations

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Joining a committee

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FLUXNET Committees

Education – developing educational and training opportunities for FLUXNET

Outreach – disseminate flux science to a broad audience outside the typical domain of research

Data Integration – facilitating accessibility and utilization of meta/data

Data Processing – designing next generation of flux code processing pipeline

CH4 – developing guidelines for methane data processing and gap-filling

N2O – developing guidelines for nitrous oxide data processing and gap-filling

Canopy thermal imaging – facilitating installation and utilization of thermal imaging across flux sites

Ancillary data processing

Open source code development – establishing, supporting, and promoting open-source development and code sharing in the flux community