Call for proposals for the 2023 FLUXNET Secondment Program

Call for proposals for the 2023 FLUXNET Secondment Program – due November 11th, 2022

What: The FLUXNET Coordination Council is pleased to announce the launch of the 2023 FLUXNET Secondment Program. The Secondment Program will support secondments (extended visits of 2 – 6 weeks) for early career scientists based in U.S. institutions to an international host institution to conduct research with eddy covariance data. Cross-pollination of techniques and ideas is fundamental to science, and the secondment program will provide a unique opportunity for early career scientists to gain experience in, and exposure to, the diverse research institutions and foci around the world.

Why: The Secondment Program will provide a unique opportunity for early career scientists to (1) develop international leadership skills at research institutions around the world, (2) collaborate internationally in the development of new eddy-covariance based research questions, (3) learn best practices for technical and analytical techniques to address these questions at multiple scales, and (4) form new and enduring networks of collaborators.

Who: Early career scientists studying at institutions in the United States are eligible to participate. Early career scientists include students (undergraduate to Ph.D.), postdocs, and other early-career scientists not leading their own research groups or supervising Ph.D. students. Host institutions must be located outside of the United States, and there is no nationality requirement for secondment applicants.

What is covered: Travel expenses (airfare, ground transportation, etc.), lodging, visa fees, and a daily stipend for meals and incidentals. The secondment will not cover medical insurance, vaccinations, travel plan changes, or conference attendance. Applicants will need to submit a proposed budget describing their planned expenses.

How to apply (to be a secondment recipient): Secondment candidates will need to identify and work with a potential host group to develop a proposed research activity. To help facilitate connections between potential secondees and hosts, we provide a list of self-identified potential hosts on the FLUXNET website – you are not restricted to hosts on this list, and are welcome to reach out to other potential hosts! Once a candidate/host connection has been made, secondment applicants submit their application here: Secondment applications are due by November 11th, 2022. The FLUXNET Community Council will review applications and inform candidates of the outcome by December 13th, 2022. Applications will be weighed based on the scientific merit of the proposal, the potential benefit of the secondment to the recipient, and the potential benefit of the secondment to FLUXNET.

Details: Please direct questions about the program and applications to [email protected].