Join FLUXNET ECN and community members each month as we host scientists from around the globe to discuss the on-going initiatives, opportunities, and resources available to early career scientists!

Since 2020, FLUXNET ECN has organized live webinars to connect early career members across the globe and increase accessibility to community resources and knowledge. We’re grateful for the AmeriFlux Management Project (AMP) for hosting and recording webinars for later view on YouTube:


Upcoming Webinars

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Past, Recorded Webinars

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FLUXNET ECN: Career Panel

Recording available:

Four guest speakers including Drs. Jennifer Arrigo (DOE ESS), Beth Caissie (USGS), Danielle Ignace (Uni British Columbia in Vancouver) and Cari Ficken (Uni of Buffalo, ESA Early Career Chair) bring experiences from various institutions and discuss career transitions, job hunting and resources that can help ease the process. Additional advice includes preparing (applying, interviewing, reflecting on values) and thriving (research/funding, networking, community service and broader impacts, policy engagement) in atmospheric, terrestrial, flux and ecological science careers.