We are in the planning stages of a Fluxnet conference in Berkeley in the 2017 summer. We are aiming for June 7-9 to avoid summer holidays and summer solstice (our Scandinavian friends will appreciate this). It will be in the Brower Center that can hold about 150 people.  We are in the planning stages of setting the agenda, picking speakers and discussion topics.
We plan to have ample time for posters, discussion on science, measurement issues, the new data set and synthesis activities. A tentative list of the conference sessions includes the overview/update/outlook of FLUXNET and regional networks, new ideas for flux partitioning, case studies in long-term trend and variability, case studies in non-ideal conditions…..    To suggest a topic for the conference, please contact the organizers Dennis Baldocchi or Housen Chu. Your suggestions are always very welcome!!
Hope to see you there.