We are very happy to announce the release of the “FLUXNET2015 Dataset”, a new synthesis dataset that is available for global synthesis studies.  You can find the instructions to download the data, the data policy, all the information in the new website here.

This flux/met data release follows the Technical Release that was published in August.  It includes more than 100 sites from all the continents, it is available to all the interested users and it includes new features such uncertainty estimation, multiple partitioning methods and meteorological downscaled variables.  All the info on the data product are available in the website.  This release will use also a versioning system and a DOI.

This release is the first of a set of three already scheduled for the next months: in April there will be a new version with more sites included (probably a 50% sites more) and in July an additional one.  The format will be the same and the processing also, except for the correction of few bugs already found and the one will come out during your use or the data.  Currently the issues we found are related to errors in the aggregation of some of the variables from weekly to yearly time resolution and all is/will be documented on the website.  Please consider this when planning your activities and our suggestion is to use the April release for your paper since it will be more robust and complete.

We ask you to carefully read and respect the data policy and we are available for questions and happy to receive feedbacks and suggestions.

The FLUXNET2015 Dataset has been possible only thanks to the site PIs that decided to share their valuable data, the regional networks that coordinated data collection and preparation and the FLUXNET processing team.  If you are interested to participate with your site please contact your regional network or the Fluxdata office; all the contacts and info are available here.

Best regards and happy new year
Dario, Gilberto and the Fluxdata Team